Our Solutions

Whether the client’s legal service needs are large or small, short-term or continuing, PreFix Legal works with them to establish precisely what needs to be done and what it will cost –before the assignment begins. 

A project can be completed by PreFix Legal lawyers working externally or by a placement within the client’s organization. 

As a law firm, PreFix Legal is not limited to providing just legal support services. It can fulfill mandates that other legal outsourcing providers cannot.  It can deliver both broader legal services and cost-effective value. 

Legal Outsourcing

All clients want value for their legal fees. Traditional business law firms are challenged to differentiate their fees between high value-added legal counsel and more routine matters. Clients have turned to established outsourcing organizations for help but these are not recognized law firms and are limited in the services they can provide.  

PreFix Legal is a law firm that meets that challenge by providing outsourced legal services with a fee structure that is lower and with a commitment to fixed fees, all delivered with the professional quality clients have a right to expect. 

Counsel Placement

PreFix Legal, working with Lex Locom Legal Outsourcing, can draw on a large pool of Canadian-qualified, capable and professional lawyers to place within a client’s organization, when that is the best solution. 

While PreFix Legal will recommend personnel based on relevant experience, the client chooses which lawyers work in-house, for how long, and on which files. The fees are negotiated and set before the start of the assignment.  

Tailored Solutions

Because each client’s needs are different, PreFix Legal does not look for “off-the-shelf” solutions. Each one is designed and negotiated to meet the specific client requirements. Even how a change in the scope of assignment will be managed is determined beforehand.

Each assignment is also overseen by a McMillan lawyer to ensure it is completed to the highest professional standards.  

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